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  1. Our main commitment is to make all our customers happy with the services they get. We are aware of the importance of the job application documents. That’s why our services are not based on promises, but guarantees.
  2. Guarantee for an Interview within 30 Days
    We don’t write CVs and other job application documents just for the sake of helping you apply for jobs. We do it because we want you to actually get those jobs. The main purpose of every single CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile we complete is to give our customers a chance for an interview.
    An interview is any type of communication with the potential employer after sending the CV. It may be an in-person meeting, telephone call, or email communication.
    If you don’t get that interview within 30 days after the delivery of your job application documents, we’ll revise it for free. Just contact our customer support agents, and we’ll discuss the details.
  3. Guarantee for Delivery by the Deadline
    The biggest difference that gives us an advantage over other CV writing services is time-efficiency. We allow you to set your own deadline and we guarantee to comply with it. You may assign us a deadline as short as 24 hours or as long as 5 days. We guarantee that whatever your deadline is, we’ll deliver flawless job application documents by then.
  4. Guarantee for Adequate CV Format
    We will comply with the UK standards for the CV format. That’s a guarantee!
    As for the type of document, we’ll deliver it in .pdf or .doc version, according to your requirements. The .doc version is useful if you want to make some revisions yourself, but the .pdf version is perfect for printing, and it’s ready to be submitted as it is.
    You can request any of these formats, and we will respect your instructions.
  5. Guarantee for Free Revisions
    In case you notice any flaws in the documents we deliver, we will revise them upon request. We recommend you to check the product as soon as we provide it and submit a requirement for any needed revisions. 24 hours is the standard period for amendments.
  6. Ownership Rights
    We will custom-craft your CV or any other document you order in accordance with the instructions you provide. This content will fully represent you - your qualifications, skills, education, and personality.
    We will not deliver the same content to anyone else. We will not publish it. We will make it 100% unique and relevant to your needs. You will be the sole owner of the document you get from us.
    If, however, you request a refund and we issue it, you will no longer hold the rights to the document you received from us. Our company will have full legal rights to use it. We will have the right to use that CV, Cover letter, or any other kind of document as a sample on our website or for advertising purposes. We will still keep your personal information confidential, and we will never expose it online or to any third parties. If we use the CV for advertising purposes, we’ll publish it with altered personal details.
  7. Money-Back Guarantee
    If you are not satisfied with the product you receive from us for any reason, you’re protected with the Money-Back Guarantee. You may request a refund through the customer support department, and we will review your requirement ASAP. We will ask you to submit a list of reasons for this request. If your complaints are justified, we will issue the refund without any delays. Keep in mind that you lose the right to use the content if that’s the case.
  8. Professionalism and Quality Guarantee
    All writers and editors in our team have been trained and qualified to complete job application documents that meet UK standards. We guarantee to complete CVs and other types of content in accordance with the requirements of your specific industry.
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