You Want a Creative Career - What are Your Options?

London is a playground for creative minds, which prompts you to build a career in the capital. Mum reminds you about the high cost of living, suggesting that you may want to find a job in the nearby towns, if not the big cities in the north (or so you think). Nothing can change your mind, as the statues bring a smile to your face. (Your favourite statue is located not far from Buckingham Palace, an elephant atop a lad. His long nose balances on the middle of the palm of his right hand. You wonder if the artist has read a children's story, which might be the basis for this intriguing artwork. You can't recall a book, not even locate the signature of the artist. You groan at the fact that not one frequent visitor to the park, where this statue is located, don't have a clue at all.) This is a good thing, as you're passionate about the arts. And there's a wide range of (career) options. Is your future secured at all? It depends on how you look at your options.

There's nothing wrong about throwing caution to the wind, not even minding acquaintances showing a sympathetic look whenever you get carried away by your plans. (A bit.) After all, London is the place where a former Secret Service agent becomes a photographer. You also question the artist who is behind the concept of Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain at Hyde Park, as you're certain that visitors won't find out that the almost-elliptical fountain has a shape of a human heart. And you may include the solitary statue of the (green) ibis not far from there. It's all about connection, as you quietly build your network. But there's more to it.

You desire a bullet-proof career, where you can indulge in your creativity. Brexit might create uncertainty in the economy while the queen's warning on tribalism may be seen in several industries, yet you still cling to that hope that there's a market for the likes of you. A little conceit won't hurt your chances at all. (Self belief goes a long way.) All that is missing is a sensible outlook, which should keep you grounded. It also helps get over the disappointment (if you didn't get the job offer). Do you need to know more? Yes.

3 Things You Must Remember While Pursuing a Creative Career

Luck does play a part. You should have known this aspect of your profession after following theatre for quite some time. There should be days when stage actors don't have any productions to prepare for. If they're well off, then they can afford to indulge in other creative pursuits. Idleness is another option, but it's not the case for the others. They must look for another job, where they can get a monthly paycheck. It can test their patience, but they have no other choice. (And this might not be an option for those who have a family to support.) If you choose to go through this route, then there's a high chance of a diverse work experience. This won't impress some employers, who might see you as overqualified. How can you put your own spin into it? You must look at the next item before you answer that question.

You must spend quite a long time to customise your CV. You won't mind doing it, but it can frustrate you if you don't get.that job after several months of job hunting. It might lead you to consider the previous firms where you have applied for a job (and you don't get a call). Some might call it the downside, but you must be an optimist to see it otherwise. You should know CV writing well enough, such that it's not necessary to list down every job that you've done so far. If a recruiter asks you about it, then you can put a silver lining into it. Quick thinking should help you figure out what one aspect of a previous job should make you a top candidate for the next job you're applying for. And you must say it slowly. Clearly. You must not forget the next item.

Don't forget the basics. Employers are looking team players who are hard workers. They won't moan if the job demands them to do more. And they must not be the Machiavellian type who pretends to be occupied whenever others are around. You can inject creativity into this routine if you have done thorough research. There's dynamics in teamwork, where you can apply your knowledge in the arts. It can foster camaraderie, which should increase productivity when it's needed. You can also apply a creative touch in your working space, which colleagues may notice right away. Don't be afraid if they see it differently. And thank your lucky stars if your boss asks about it. There's a window of opportunity behind it, so try to make the most out of it.

The Important Lesson Behind It

You must make a living, and there are tedious days that can test your commitment. This means enduring the long nights, cold air, and even the snow. (it may be an unpleasant sight if you're residing in Scotland.) You have to think about other options if you're not enjoying what you're doing. You must have an old mate, if not an ex-colleague, who has taken a plunge and gone through a variety of jobs away from home. These adventurous people have managed to get out of their comfort zone. You think you can do the same, but think about your current state first. Apply it as well. Loyalty is still a virtue in the workplace, but there's no substitute for your (creative) skills. There's no need to break a leg.

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