What to Do if Illness Forces You to Quit Work

Don't you wish that you rather stay at home during the colder days? You want to read one of Neil Gaiman's less-popular works, if not think about having a cuddle buddy. You want a huge, hairy fur baby like Millie (if you've been spending lots of time in looking at the Instagram pictures), who knows when to put a sad face when England fails to advance to the finals of FIFA World Cup. It might be better to sleep for a few more hours (and suffer from bed sore the following day), but the reality would prompt you to prepare your working clothes and brave the chilly air. The subject isn't the weather, though. It is related to the cold (or too much of it). What to do if illness forces you to quit work.

You're your own doctor, so you won't allow yourself to get to the point when you're sickly (and almost delirious). It should start with stress, where rest is the best way to get over it. If you happen to be the restless individual, then you might court more problems. (You might be exerting more than what you're capable of. It's not a good thing, as you can get tired sooner than you hope for.) Whether you want to take it easy or you're a workaholic type of person, you must be aware that there's more to life than the daily routine in the office. It doesn't have to be another visit to the Tower Bridge (and wish for a sun-lit surrounding). You can indulge in your hobby, possibly imitate an artist standing in the middle of Millennium Bridge. (You might have a talent in drawing, as you haven't revealed your illustrations of Big Ben.) You also know the virtue of traveling around, but you're not keen on counting the number of castles in England. On the other hand, you're postponing your plan for your holiday. You're looking beyond the continent, as you want to try the exotic food in the Far East. It can happen sooner or later. You’re getting ahead, which is what is really this post is all about.

It should be a different story if you have a history of illness. Mental illness is another thing, though. (You must not mention anything about your poor state of health, if not disclose the names of your family and certain relatives. Health records reveal that some members of your family and certain relatives suffer from an illness or two.) Another case, which is more usual than the others, involves a distressed employee, who is suffering from burnout. It can be dangerous if left untreated for some time. You come here for what you’re about to read next.

A Cure for Wellness

Tidy up (and don’t think twice about it). It’s time to clean up your room, if not your flat. It should remind you that there are other things that need your attention, and these things aren’t found in your office. A tidy place should help you to be relaxed. It’s also a good feeling to look forward to your place during your final hour in the office. If it’s not soothing you at all, then the next item might help you.

Soak up in the arts. You won’t run out of ideas on how to become more creative than you ever imagine. It’s not the street art, such as the Bard’s mural (at Southwark). You must think of something else, and it would be better to invite the ones that you’re close to. You might have a colleague, if not an old mate from your university days, who wants a buddy on this kind of activities. Don’t shut these people off. If you’re based in London, then you might have second thoughts about walking the streets. It also seems not right to be holding a bottle of beer. Save it for your next visit to Paddington area. There are nine museums, which don’t require an entrance fee. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been there before, if not visited it twice (or thrice). It’s all about details, and you may have missed something during your previous visit(s).

Look out for burnout. If you’re getting too stressed, if not overwhelmed by what you’re doing lately, then walk away. Your boss won’t mind, as long as your rejuvenated self should help you finish the remaining tasks during the day. (If you’re thinking of looking for like-minded people in the workplace, then think twice or thrice. The company may not tolerate it, and the reasons are pretty obvious.) Relax when it’s a must. Don’t fall asleep during the working hours, though. And don’t sleep too late. 

Another Chapter Beckons

If you’re unhappy about the entire thing, then you must make a decision. It takes time, and there’s no reason not to set aside an hour (or two) for it. You let the work do the talking to you, which is well and good. It would result to unwanted pounds. (You have thrown self-discipline out of the window.) You need one, as you try to keep it together this time of the year. If you’re having motivational problems, then you can call your other half (or parents) for assurance. Go ahead, then.

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