Is the Annual Performance Appraisal Long Gone?

You dread this time of the year. It has nothing to do with the cold, which you're used to. Not even the long nights, which you don't mind at all. (It brings out your creative side, but that is another story.) And Brexit is old news. (It is. But it’s a debatable topic.) The annual performance appraisal is in your mind. You might be missing something, though.

Have you ever notice your manager holding a meeting with your team every few months? Have you been asked about your expectations about the company? Have you've been aware that your manager wants to get to know you more a bit? If these questions surprise you, then you must not. Your company can be one of tens, if not hundreds, of British companies that have devised different ways of evaluating employees. For instance, Deloitte would spend two hours in performance appraisal. It's not that long, yet there are more effective ways of finding out if employees are doing better (or not). On your part, you find it stressful whenever you think if you've been "naughty or nice" all year around. But there's no need.

It's not hard to imagine that other companies would spend longer hours than Deloitte, a task that must be evaluated after a year or two. Not that some employers (or managers) are wanting to talk about Joanna Lumley. (Does she make a great host of the BAFTA Film Awards?). There are other professionals who can discuss about running and inhaling the cold air at the same times. You don’t know if there are benefits, as exploring Hyde Park can be a tiresome activity. You can think about the questions the next day, if not the weekend. (And it had nothing to do with what one of your colleagues is looking forward to. She missed "Fantastic Beasts" when it's shown in theaters. It would make its debut in the telly very soon.) It's that time of the year when you must pay attention.

Yes or No: A Few Questions to Answer

How do you deal with an abrasive manager? This is not an issue at all. Feelings have no place in the workplace, and abrasive managers can justify this manner when they notice a nosedive in the performance of one employee. Think long and hard about it, though. (And do it during the weekend.) This is one way for a manager to reach out to his (or her) team, also another way of showing concern. It seems rather odd, but you read enough books in English literature (to know that this is the norm). Did your manager displayed an abrasive attitude towards you? It might have happened during the month of July, and you had your reasons. (It was a warm summer, warmer than the previous seasons. And the heat was the cause of your skin rashes.) You might have slipped on a particular task or two. This should be the right time to talk about it, even if your manager won’t brought it up.

How often do you meet your manager? It's very important to talk about office culture, as this plays a huge part in employee satisfaction. You've heard stories, from your old mates no less, about one company that doesn't give positive vibes. (And she can tell from the state of the equipment.) Another one would rant about a manager who doesn't show any concern to the well being of her team. You don't think there's nothing wrong about it until you wonder if it's another form of employee silence. And one had a chance to work on the continent. He won't recommend it at all. (You were all ears for the details, but mum’s the word.) It hasn't happened to you, and you can't imagine such a thing happening in London. Then again, you haven't been around. (You haven't been to the All England Club, which is something you're not worried about.) You look back at the past year, smiling after you figure out that you have lost count of the number of times that you invited your workmates for fish and chips. Think long and hard about it.

Have you noticed any signs of staling? You might be confused at this term at first, as this applies to individuals who are about to reach middle age. You should know of it after you got your first-hand experience from your parents. (Mum became more energetic than usual while Dad wanted to spend more time in the couch. He looked tiresome or so you thought.) The word also applies to an employee who is getting to be too good in the tasks that he (or she) is doing. This can be a good thing if the said employee has other things to do after working hours. (The same thing applies to married employees and single ones with a child or two.) It can also be a bad thing if another employee shows signs of restlessness and dissatisfaction. You may have exhibited a few symptoms, like a change of mood, and your colleague(s) could have noticed it. Your manager had seen it as well. You believed that there was no need to discuss about it. Don't be caught off guard if there would be a performance appraisal (in your company).

Golden Hellos (to Welcome More Talents)

The new year and Brexit may be a coincidence, but don't dismiss it. This is the perfect time to think about your health (and not your bad back). You should evaluate on those golden hellos, which include healthcare. (You haven't heard of any company that is offering a longer maternity leave, Then again, you haven't been updating yourself on a frequent basis.) On the other hand, you must have been too occupied with the job. You don't recall the last time that you have been on a holiday. It may be the right time to plan a skiing trip. (It's not too late yet.) You might even be daring to try hiking in Glen Coe during this time of the year. All of these things must be thought during the first month of the (new) year.

If you're unsatisfied with what the company has to offer to you, then you must talk to your manager. There's no better time than this one. (You may be considered for a promotion.) Long live the catch up.

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